New parenting webinar released online – free to access

We recently were involved in an online webinar for parents focused on parenting. We have now published this webinar on the EPIC YouTube Channel!

The webinar includes 3 talks from researchers at the University of Edinburgh. First Dr Vilas Sawrikar talks about supporting parents in managing behaviour and enhancing the quality of parent-teens relationship. 

Next Claire Tai talks about how parents’ thinking, such as parents’ expectations and attributional style can make differences to teens’ wellbeing and stress-coping. 

Then EPIC Think Learn lead Dr Sinead Rhodes talks about how to use the EPIC programme activities to support thinking, learning, and wellbeing in children and young people who are neurodivergent or who are on a waiting list for assessment of one of these conditions  (such as autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia/DCD). 

To access this webinar please click on this link:

You can watch other webinars we have held on the EPIC YouTube website, see

All are free of charge to access and give a good overview of our approach. These webinars also contain information about Neurodiversity research with implications for understanding and supporting Neurodivergent children provided.

We hope you find them useful. For further information on our workshops please join our register by emailing and / or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.   

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